WATCH: The Teabagger On The Frontlines Of The ‘Christmas Cup’ Controversy Shamed On CNN (VIDEO)

Joshua Feuerstein, “Christian” teabagger extraordinaire, has been the driving force behind the “outrage” over the plain red cups Starbucks has decided to use for this year’s holiday season. Yes, you heard that right — I said “holiday season.”

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What Feuerstein and friends don’t seem to get is that this time of year has been sacred to us furless apes since we began walking upright and got a sense of out own mortality. From the winter solstice celebration to Saturnalia to Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza and beyond, the last two months of the year are when we spread the joy, love and capitalism that is the holiday season.

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No matter, really. The Christian right is going to complain about how persecuted they are no matter what until President Obama leaves office, and they’ll resume once they decide what religion the next Democratic president secretly belongs to. If Sanders gets in it will be easy — they can go back to hating the Jews. If Clinton wins, there will certainly be talk of secret witchcraft in the East Room (behind the Muslim prayer curtains) and Goddess worship in the Oval Office.

That might actually be refreshing.

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Watch zealot Josh Feuerstein get ridiculed on CNN for being an idiot below:

Featured image via screen capture

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