WATCH: The Sound Of Megyn Kelly’s A$$ Kissing Nearly Drowns Out Carson’s Bullsh!t (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly has almost been a reporter lately, with her decent performance as a debate moderator and refusal to pander to the whiny GOP candidates list of “Debate Demands,” it nearly seemed she was destined for better things than Fox News. Thursday, while “interviewing” Ben Carson about his fairy tale childhood, the sounds of her enthusiastically kissing his ass nearly drowned out his pathetic and lackluster excuses as to why practically NO ONE from his childhood seems to remember his “closet temper.”

The Fox News host seemed to be trying to find new ways to get her head as far between Carson’s cheeks as she could while she stroked his ego, something far better suited for a dark and seedy theater than a mainstream newscast. The more ridiculous the sleep-walking GOP candidate’s defense and story became, the more it seems Megyn was pandering to him.

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I know that Carson is trying to convince people that is his not permanently stoned out of his mind or mainlining Valium, basically that he actually has a spine and could possibly be a good President.

However, when Megyn’s enthusiastic toadying, brown-nosing, and ego-stroking make him look like a sleepy-eyed brothel client it just doesn’t help his case.

Here is the Fox broadcast, you may need a raincoat:

Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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