WATCH: The Radical Right GOP Doubles Down – More ‘Religious Freedom Acts’ On The Way (VIDEO)

Last week saw the nation erupt in controversy after the details of a so – called “Religious Freedom Act” in Indiana was passed and signed by the Governor. Almost immediately Indiana felt severe backlash from outside groups like the NCAA but more importantly from within their own state like the mayor of their largest city, Indianapolis. Businesses like Angies List announced the halting of future expansions in the state as did other companies.  The backlash was so swift and severe that Indiana’s legislature was forced to almost immediately go back and fix the measure legislatively.

The jury is still out on whether the legislative fixes were enough to curb the discriminatory aspects written into the bill by the Republicans.

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Now, one would think that this lesson would have taught other GOP dominated legislatures to back off of such bills. But, then again, we are talking about today’s GOP. So, of course more states are stepping up to see just how much discrimination they can get away with before the people erupt in protest, because that’s what today’s GOP does- push things as far to the right as they can before people begin to get upset. Then when they do, just give it a little time then circle back again and push it a little further.

Among those states looking to push the offensive envelope a little further are Arkansas, North Carolina and Nevada.

Arkansas, to its credit, pulled their original legislation to rework it. Of course, in the land of the Bible and all things right wing, this didn’t come after months of protests by the people, but because the billionaires over at Walmart didn’t want the negative publicity in their stomping grounds. It has yet to be seen if Arkansas is actually looking to fix the legislation to make it more fair or try to bury the more radical aspects of it deeper into the bill so hopefully those pesky liberals won’t notice it this time before it’s too late.

Nevada and North Carolina seem to still be in “full steam ahead” mode.

Sad and unfortunate.

See this report from NBC news on the topic HERE:

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