WATCH: The Peaceful Baltimore Protest The GOP And Police Don’t Want You To See (VIDEO)

When Freddie Gray was allegedly killed by members of Baltimore’s Police Force, Baltimore literally went up in flames when protests and riots ensued. But the organizers who represent “Campus Connection,” who’s actual campus, Towson University, is a mere 3 miles from where Mr. Gray was killed, weren’t about to give up on the city they love.

So, they went to work and organized a march in support of Freddie Gray. But the police, the city and even some students resisted. One student is shown telling how he absolutely “doesn’t support anything they are doing and won’t be there.”  The mayor’s office sent an email threatening them not to carry out the march. They decided their right to free speech trumped the city’s attempts to silence them, so they marched. And people came together as you can see in the footage below. Black and white, young and old, rich and poor, gay, straight and atheists joined with people of faith and marched in peace and stood strong for justice.

They chanted all the way to Oriole Park, “This is the beginning of a beautiful struggle,” and indeed it is.

Check it out HERE:

And here’s even more footage from Baltimore’s peaceful marches and protests that MSM doesn’t seem very interested in for some strange reason:


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