WATCH: The Most Intolerantly Absurd, Biblically Off-Topic Wackadoodle Speech of All Time (VIDEO)

If you’re a bible-thumping GOP state senator from South Carolina and you’re about to engage in debate about the confederate flag being taken down, how do you use the three minutes you’re allotted?

By scolding the Supreme Court for legalizing gay marriage, calling things an abomination and being completely distraught that the white house was lit up in the colors of the devil, of course.

South Carolina Sen. Lee Bright, who is anything but what his last name describes him as, is the embodiment of the southern nitwit we’ve grown accustomed to. His brash tone, the hands in the air as if the podium is his pulpit. The little beads of sweat required of a servant of the Lord. Bright has this spiel down.

Not once during his speech sermon does he mention the issue at hand. He just needed this three minutes to get some good old-fashioned southern bigotry off his chest.

Watch this insane South Carolina senator go biblically off-topic in this 3 minute rant.

Featured image via screen capture

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