Watch The Most Bat*hit Crazy Ad Of The Campaign Season (VIDEO)

If you’re a modern-day Republican, the worst possible insult is to be called a RINO (Republican in Name Only). The meaning of RINO changes from year to year but this year, it’s all about who you hate.

True Republicans, according to non-RINOs, hate gay people, they hate Planned Parenthood, they hate Mexicans (and all Latin Americans) and they hate the black President. They do love one thing though: guns.

Kay Daly wants the world to know that she’s no RINO. In her nuttier than a fruitcake ad, she ends with a gun — one which is metaphorically blowing away her North Carolina Congressional primary opponent, Renee Ellmers (R), who apparently had a great start by being sufficiently anti-Muslim, but she later had the gall to vote against a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks.

This ad is genius in that it hits on all the Republican hate points. I’m sure Donald Trump’s campaign will be adopting some of her tactics.


Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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