WATCH: The GOP Is So Ridiculous That The Daily Show Peed Itself Laughing (VIDEO)

The Daily Show hit the nail on the head when it decided to stop worrying about the consequences of a Donald Trump presidency for just a moment to appreciate the irony of the precarious situation the Republican party finds itself in. Few moments in history are quite as bittersweet as when the realization happened that we have to deal with this man through November now. So bitter. On the other hand, Donald J. Trump is the presumptive nominee of the GOP, meaning all of the establishment mooks like Ryan, Romney and anyone else claiming to love the party now have the obligation to support a delusional psychopath on his road to the United States nuclear codes.

So very sweet.

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So sweet that Jordan Klepper, Senior Daily Show correspondent, couldn’t finish the doom and gloom reporting on the ramifications of a Trump run and possible presidency with cracking up just thinking about all that’s happened to bring us to this point. “They were such a**holes,” says Klepper, laughing hysterically, “they caused this,” he added. It’s one of those beautiful moments you just want to cherish over and over again.

Watch The Daily Show refuse to take Donald Trump seriously below:

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