Watch The Exact Moment Ted Cruz’s Soul Dies As He Makes Calls Encouraging People To Vote Trump (VIDEO)

They say politics makes strange bedfellows; and perhaps the strangest sleeping arrangement for the 2016 presidential election is the bed now being shared by Donald Trump and the Texas Senator from Canada Rafael “Ted” Cruz. The senator angered many Trump supporters at the GOP convention when he urged Republicans to vote their conscience instead of endorsing the nominee. But since then he has had a “coming to the god-emperor moment” and has hitched his car to the Trump train. All the good little Republicans always come home to roost.

Dallas News photojournalist G.J. McCarthy posted a short video on Twitter of Cruz working a phone bank from Republican headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. The wall behind him is covered with “Trump-Pence” signs. And Teddy looks oh so happy to be there — not.

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If Cruz wasn’t such an outright douche you might almost feel sorry for him. That “sad clown” face of his looks even sadder than usual as he tells voters how important the election is for the direction of the country. The words come out, but poor little Teddy — he’s just not feeling it.

Here’s your laugh of the day, via Twitter:

Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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