WATCH: The Daily Show Makes A Complete Fool Of Ben Carson With ‘Footage of Popeyes’ (VIDEO)

If you haven’t been following the saga of Ben Carson and the ridiculous things he’s had to say about mass shootings since the tragedy at UCC, Allow me catch you up to speed: Carson has asserted that if he were in a mass shooting situation, he wouldn’t “just sit there.” He would instead incite a revolution against the shooter, recruiting as many people as possible to rush in and sacrifice themselves as possible. Carson says, “he’s not gonna be able to shoot all of us” as he turns and chuckles, completely disrespecting the victims and families of mass shootings going back to the invention of gunpowder.

Then there was Popeye’s. Carson asserted on a radio show that he was once confronted by a gunman at a “Popeye’s organization” (Trevor Noah cover the “organization” portion of his silliness perfectly) and that he pointed the gunman in the direction of “the guy behind the counter” in an act of incredible bravery absolute cowardice.

Trevor Noah may never be Jon Stewart, but he is becoming a giant in his own right.

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