WATCH: The Daily Show DESTROYS The ‘Democrats Are The Racists’ Nonsense Once And For All (VIDEO)

The dumbest argument you can possibly have with a conservative is about the history of institutional racism, the Democratic party, the KKK and the abolition of slavery. To a conservative, in those cases, only the names of the political parties involved need to be used, not the members, philosophy, voting block or ideology. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and the first member of his party to win the presidency. A Republican freed the slaves. That is true.

Unfortunately, what conservatives either won’t grasp or just can’t accept is that the country has always been divided into Northern progressives and Southern racist regressives. Regardless of the fact that it was regressive Southerners who made segregation as horrible as possible for black people as punishment for not being able to own them anymore. They burned crosses and framed innocent men for non-existent crimes or to cover for cousin Enis and lynched them in public ceremonies. They fought as hard as they could against equality, no matter what their party, and they’re still hard at work today.

Trevor Noah does a fantastic job here of putting this whole thing into perspective so you can show it to people who can’t seem to understand that this history stuff is much easier to find now that it’s not all hiding in books.

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