WATCH: The Church Lady Returns To SNL With Trump And Satan Himself – Ted Cruz

Dana Carvey returned to Saturday Night Live this week to reprise his legendary role as the Church Lady for an all new episode of Church Chat.

The Church Lady notes that we are living in “interesting times.” Then she invited her first guest onto the show.

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Please welcome Satan,” Carvey said.

Ted Cruz, played by Taran Killam, at first tries to deny that he is the Prince of Darkness, but the Church Lady is quick to remind him that she isn’t the one who declared him to be “Lucifer in the flesh,” his colleague John Boenher gave him that friendly little nickname.

The Church Lady goes on to note that the Texas senator tends to be “just a little bit preachy.” (For the record, if the Church Lady thinks you’re preachy, maybe you should tone it down just a little.) She then goes on to shred Cruz’s claim that God told him to run for president. After all, his campaign was a miserable failure, which has interesting implications if God himself was the one steering that sinking ship. Isn’t that special?

Has anyone ever told you that you’re just a little bit preachy?” Carvey asked. “Was it part of God’s plan for you to get humiliated by an orange mannequin? That’s an odd plan for God to have for you.

Then the Church Lady got to take a go at Donald Trump, who was introduced as the “presumptive tangerine tornado.” Naturally, he drug his family with him, and even had an extra model tag along for good measure. Appearances, you know.

Trump, as played by Darrell Hammond, then tried to prove his Christian chops by declaring his love for all the books of the bible, especially “Corinthians Part Deux,” and “Too Genesis, Too Furious.” He also gushed over “The part where Jon Snow comes back to life. That’s great Bible.”

But before they could finish their interview they were interrupted by Ted Cruz, who had finally accepted the dark side and returned as the devil incarnate – horns and all. Could it be… Satan?

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