Watch That Time Seth MacFarlane Ruthlessly Mocked Trump…Right To His Smug Face (VIDEO)

Back in 2011 when Donald Trump was just a walking punchline and not a walking punchline about to secure the GOP presidential nomination, he was roasted by Seth MacFarlane on Comedy Central. With his mail-order bride and his horrible daughter in attendance, Trump smiled reluctantly as Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane ruthlessly mocked the b**chy, orange mean girl.

While nothing quite compares to the awesomeness that was Obama’s mocking of Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011, MacFarlane did a pretty good job. Immediately debunking the self-made man crap that Trump is always rambling about, Seth hilariously debunked that glaring falsity.

Tonight we honor a self-made millionaire, said MacFarlane. He started with nothing, worked hard and made a fortune. That man is Fred Trump, Donald’s dad.

Indeed, you would have to be a special kind of f*ck up to not be able to make a fortune when handed a fortune in investment capital. But this cutting joke is so much more than just a comedy insult. Rather, it’s Trump’s entire selling point and what he uses to convince coal miners that they too could be billionaires, if it were not for the “gubment” getting in their way.

Watch MacFarlane roast Trump below:

Featured image via screen capture



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