Watch That Time Planned Parenthood Was Defended By…Donald Trump?? (VIDEO)

The Planned Parenthood shootings appear to be the consequence of republican attacks on Planned Parenthood. It’s still not definitively clear what prompted the Planned Parenthood shooting. However, the shooter reportedly said “no more baby parts,” which has become as much a fallacious obsession with Republicans as Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Donald Trump is a complete and utter sham of a human and presidential candidate, and he’s totally incapable of having a substantive debate. Instead, he cynically exploits the tiny eggshell minds of low-information voters (or morons as they used to be known). If you mildly disagree with him, he will take to Twitter and tweet like an enraged mean girl who lost the title of prom queen. But sometimes logic and reason come out of that orangey suck face of his.

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Believe it or not, Trump once defended Planned Parenthood. Even if the carnival barker vowed to defund Planned Parenthood, he had enough common sense to see all the good work Planned Parenthood does.

Watch That Time Donald Trump Momentarily Seemed Reasonable And Defended Planned Parenthood:




Featured image by Donkey Hotey via Flickr

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