WATCH: That Time David Letterman Humiliated Donald Trump And His Cheap A$$ Chinese Ties (VIDEO)

If you haven’t seen the Huffington Post’s mashup of Trump saying “China,” you’ve missed out on three minutes of absolutely annoying-yet-must see brilliance. The Donald has obviously studied the keywords that resonate with the right-wing voter, and while “illegal,” “immigrant” and “deport” came in first, second and third and work best when used together in a sentence, “China” is a close 4th.

Trump can’t resist. Even though virtually nothing with his name on it says “Made in America,” Trump’s relentless attacks on China have been a benchmark for years. In this classic clip of Trump on The Late Show, Letterman calls him out for his ties, made in China, within 30 seconds of yet another “They’re stealing all of our jobs” diatribe.

Letterman makes the Donald pledge to shut down the factory in Beijing and have the ties made in New York. Trump agrees. Three years later, there’s still not Trump tie factory in Queens, but “immigrant immigrant, illegal Mexican deport immigrant China,” so all is well for The GOP base.

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Watch this classic clip of David Letterman shaming The Donald’s Chinese ties.

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