Watch That Time Bernie Silenced An Obnoxious Trump Supporter…The RIGHT Way (VIDEO)

In case you’re unfamiliar with your typical Trump rally, it usually consists of Trump bitching about nonsensical crap and spouting mean girl lines, only to be followed up with some poor protester getting the crap kicked out of him while he eggs people on. Like Hitler (but with bad hair), Trump is brilliant at attacking the fragile emotions of the miserably uninformed for political gain. This is just one big reality tv show for him and we’re all just pawns in his little game. It’s only a matter of time before a protester gets killed at one of his rallies. I know, assault is so “politically correct.”

But while the blustery bi*chy buffoon and his sub-moronic ilk thrive on inflicting violence and hate on protestors, Bernie Sanders and his supporters are the polar opposite.

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This past January, Senator Sanders was heckled by a Trump supporter during a rally at the University of Massachusetts. Remaining perfectly calm and committing to his speech, Bernie resisted giving into the obnoxious Trump heckler. Following a chorus of boo birds and a rousing chorus of “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie” chants, the populist senator handled the obstreperous heckler like a boss.

Watch Bernie Sanders Shut Down A Heckler The RIGHT Way:


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