Watch That Time Bernie Predicted The Future About A Current Global Scandal (VIDEO)

As you may have heard, a huge data dump of scandalous financial records has been made, revealing massive tax havens and money hiding-holes in Panama. Called the “Panama Papers,” it’s already been linked to many world leaders, celebrities, and corporate individuals.

The leader of Iceland was forced to resign over what was found in the documentation about him, and there’s every reason to expect more fallout to come from it as well.

The pathetic part of all this is that America legalized this practice several years ago. However, one person saw through it and tried to stop it.

Bernie Sanders predicted exactly what was going to come from this. He made the point that Panama is so small and has such a tiny economy, that a “free trade” agreement with them was virtually pointless – unless you want to hide your money there.

He couldn’t have called it more accurately if he had a crystal ball. Going down a list of reasons why the Panama deal was wrong, he laid out the case for why we shouldn’t do it plain as day. Needless to say, it went through and nobody cared – until now. Suddenly this is a huge problem and everyone in government has the nerve to act surprised. Everyone but Bernie, that is.

Watch Bernie Sanders literally predict the future below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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