WATCH: Ted Cruz Vows To Sarah Palin That He’ll Turn America Into A Giant Church (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz is a special kind of crazy. That’s probably why he gets along so well with Sarah Palin. His ten minutes with Palin sounds more like a sermon than an interview. As he promises to turn the country into a Christian nirvana, you’ll find yourself wondering just how someone this dimwitted could possibly have gotten himself elected to any public office.

Cruz lies about Planned Parenthood, and he calls the Obama Administration the biggest supporter of terrorists on the planet. He preaches for war as the path to peace.

To listen to Ted Cruz speak is almost surreal, it’s so ridiculous. He is nothing but the living embodiment of right-wing memes. This fanatic is absolutely obsessed with pushing right-wing extremist Christianity as a governing force, as he shuns Islam for governing with religion. He’s convinced that the Republican party needs to shut down the government to save fetuses. He’s a lunatic all wrapped up in crazy, and talking to one of his own makes it so much worse.

Watch Ted Cruz promise Sarah Palin and the nation he’ll turn America into a giant Christian church.

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Featured image via video screen capture

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