WATCH: Ted Cruz Punches His Wife In The Face After Admitting He’s A Loser

Ted Cruz’s candidacy has been a disaster from start to finish. He couldn’t even manage to get through his concession speech without accidentally punching his wife in the face.

Following his spanking in the Indiana primary, where he lost to Trump, 53 percent to 36 percent at the time of this writing. He gave the standard sad “we gave it our best, but still got our asses handed to us” speech. Of course, no good “I quit” moment would be complete without the obligatory hugs at the end.

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This should have been the easy part. Every human being knows how to give a hug, right? Nope. Not Ted Cruz.

He has bragged about his wife being a strong woman, pointing out how much that bothered Republican rival Donald Trump. Apparently he wasn’t bluffing because Heidi Cruz just took multiple blows to the face and the smile never left her face.

True to form, Ted is completely oblivious to the fact that he just bashed his wife in the face repeatedly. It doesn’t get any smoother than this folks.

Say it with me everybody! Rico… Suave…

#TedCruz just two-pieced his wife in the face 😂💀 (via @barstool_sports) #WSHH

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