WATCH: Ted Cruz Makes Threats Against Obama and Iran’s Leader ‘On Day One’ as President (VIDEO)

Republican carnival barker and fear monger, Ted Cruz, made borderline treasonous statements during the Value Voters Summit recently. While snarling and making wild hand gestures on stage, he said that if he was president he would jail President Obama and murder the leader of Iran on day one. 

Lets think about just a couple things. First we have the “jail Obama on day one” statement. An American president does not have the power to arbitrarily jail any citizen without due process and legitimate charges. Second, is the statement about Iran. American presidents also do not have the power to order political assassinations of other nations’ leaders.

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Ted Cruz has screamed about Obama being a tyrant and a dictator who was “lawless” and didn’t obey the Constitution, but these things Ted said were blatantly unconstitutional, probably illegal, and definitely ‘tyrannical’.

The crowd of good Republican voters shockingly cheered heavily for these promises Ted made to them. This is surprising, as they are so well versed in the details of the Constitution judging by Republican Facebook comments in general.

Watch Ted’s downhill spiral below:

Featured Image: Youtube Screen Capture
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