WATCH: Ted Cruz Hopes You Don’t Remember The Time He Said This About Syrian Refugees (VIDEO)

Well, this certainly will be inconvenient for a certain Cuban-Canadian Texan. It turns out that Ted Cruz was actually in favor of Syrian refugees all this time. Yes, that’s right. Our biggest Republican stink bomb thrower, and the only person that knows how to protect us from 5-year-old ISIS militants looking to steal our freedom, was reassuring the American public earlier this year that we have a duty to take in Syrian refugees.

Ted was making the case that we have taken in the “tired and huddled masses” for centuries, and we should continue to do so. He went on to say that we have to make sure those coming are not terrorists but confirmed we definitely can do that easily.

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The simple truth is that even intense Republican a-holes like Ted Cruz know their refugee fear mongering is the essence of bullsh*t. However, due to the monster of their own making, the Tea Party, they have got to pander to the most asinine elements of their voting base. For somebody like Cruz who wants to ride the Republican presidential bandwagon for as long as possible, he has no choice but to contradict himself. Flip flopping is nothing new to Cruz or any Republican, but this video is going to be an attack ad waiting to happen if he starts to gain in the polls. When will they realize that if you put things out on the internet, people will know?

Watch Ted insist to Fox News that America’s traditions mean we must help these refugees below:

Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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