WATCH: Ted Cruz Gets Booed At CPAC When He Tries To Take Down Trump

As the Republican party continues to implode before our very eyes, Ted Cruz did a good job emptying the room during his speech at CPAC. After making a few disparaging remarks about presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and mocking Trump University, the crowd not only booed him, but many even got up and walked out.

Trump didn’t even bother to attend CPAC, citing conflicting campaign schedules, but his supporters weren’t about to let the Texas senator criticize their bigoted billionaire hero. Speaking of the GOP favorite’s absence, Cruz said:

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Or even worse, they were told there were young people were going to be here.

The crowd cheered enthusiastically. Cruz then made a joke about Trump University, and that’s when things went South

Now none of ya’ll have a degree from Trump University.

The crowd began to chant “Trump! Trump! Trump!” and then the room erupted in boos.

Cruz seemed momentarily stunned that his joke had fallen flat, but nonetheless recovered fairly quickly, despite the fact that a large portion of his audience had just walked out the door.

Watch Cruz get booed at CPAC here, via Crooks and Liars:

Featured image via video screen capture

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