Watch Ted Cruz Literally Fire Meat Muzzle In Latest Pathetic Plea For Attention (VIDEO)

Poor Ted Cruz. He must have been feeling pretty left out of the GOP presidential candidates’ crazy “look at me” contest.  I mean, it’s been at least a month since his last pathetic plea for attention video on YouTube. In that video, Cruz does his best Simpsons’ impressions to prove he’s a completely relatable, cool guy.

It is almost as if he wants everyone to forget the backlash he received shortly before that when calling the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage “some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history” in an interview with Sean Hannity. Apparently, Cruz thinks things like slavery and Japanese internment camps are on par with allowing citizens equal legal rights. Although, those type of fear-mongering statements are exactly what drum up his Tea Party base, so he was probably just looking to capitalize on that attention, not deflect from it.

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Appealing to the GOP base Ted Cruz style: machine guns and bacon

What else drums up Cruz’s base? Guns. Guns and fried foods. So, someone in the Cruz campaign had the brilliant idea of combining the two.  Enter: “Making Machine-Gun Bacon with Ted Cruz”. 

In an opening that insults Texans (who take great pride in their food), Cruz claims that he is going to show how Texans cook bacon. He then proceeds to wrap a slice of bacon around the muzzle of a machine gun, wrap it in foil, and shoot several rounds as grease drips onto the floor. Sadly, this wasn’t even an original idea. Ted Cruz “borrowed” it from Dustin Ellerman, who called this method “patriotic,” as seen in this video. The result is some of the most disgusting looking bacon one can imagine. It looks like Cruz can barely hold it down after taking a bite, but he continues to throw his head back and laugh while his eyes plead to regain some of his lost momentum.

Ted Cruz falls in polls among GOP presidential candidates

As Mother Jones points out,

Polls show billionaire Donald Trump siphoning support from Cruz and other tea party-style candidates. Even Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is viewed as the main rival to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is pulling support from the tea party constituency that Cruz’s campaign is targeting. According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll last month, Cruz’s support among Republican voters dropped by half between May and July, from 8 percent to 4 percent.

It’s no wonder Ted Cruz is going for a viral video to gain attention back. After all, Lindsey Graham’s cell-phone-destroying video now has over 2 million views on YouTube, and Rand Paul’s tax code burning/wood-chipping/chainsaw video had its own 15 minutes of fame on social media.

However, it does leave one wondering, between these desperate stunts and Donald Trumps popularity soaring the more outrageous he gets – are Republicans looking for the next great circus act or the next commander-in-chief?

Watch the latest Ted Cruz video below:

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