WATCH: Teabagger Steve King Get Schooled By CNN On Refugee Panic (VIDEO)

Teabagger Congressman Steve King is only second to Donald Trump in his unapologetic and unashamed racism and bigotry. King is the one who went on record in the past, saying Mexican immigrants were all drug mules, with “calves the size of cantaloupes” because they were carrying hundreds of pounds of drugs over the border. However, today it was all about vilifying Syrian refugees that his party created when they destabilized the Middle East.

King’s panic over the idea of Middle Easterners moving to the U.S. was so bad, he had to change his own story mid-interview when he was getting factually wrecked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

First, King made the case that we simply have no way of vetting refugees. He pressed the point with various non-factual statements that we have no access to records from their home country, therefore we don’t know anything about their past once they arrive here. This is the reason we cannot take any of them into our country.

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After a severely inconvenient factual bomb by Chris Cuomo that completely wrecked his argument, King went on to totally change the entire story he just gave. He said we had 71 detained refugees that have immigration information which Obama refuses to release. Remember none of this information existed one minute ago, according to King. He then said we caught Syrians trying to sneak over the Mexican border with fake immigration credentials. Were you paying attention when he just said we couldn’t verify this information? Yet, we verified all of these were fake? Whaaaaat?!

Sensing total defeat, King quickly changed the subject. He said that instead of helping refugees, we should be engaging in a new land invasion of the Middle East that included “unlimited military hardware, air support and American Special Forces ground troops.” This would allow us to establish a safe zone where refugees could move back to and live in peace. We all know how well it worked when we created a safe zone in Iraq by removing Saddam Hussein. Steve King seems to think it would be as successful as that was.

Watch Steve King own himself badly on CNN below:

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