WATCH: Tea Party Senator’s Civics Fail: ‘Get Rid Of The Senate!’ (VIDEO)

What if the U.S. Senate did not exist? This is the question posed by U.S. Senator after not even being a senator for a full year yet.

Tea Partier Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) said he has come to the conclusion that the U.S. Senate should not even exist, after watching it work for 364 days.

Sasse said Tuesday:

Why is this? Because we’re not doing the job we were sent here to do. The Senate isn’t tackling the great national problems that worry those we work for.”

“I therefore propose a thought experiment: If the Senate isn’t going to be the most important venue for addressing our biggest national problems, where is that venue?Where should the people look for the long-term national prioritization? – What precisely would be lost if we had only a House of Representatives, rather than both bodies?

What Sasse meant to say is “The U.S. Senate cannot be gerrymandered, so we can’t rig it for a permanent Republican majority, and Democrats will still be able to control it from time to time. This is against our corporate and Neo-Confederate overlords.” This is by far more accurate of a description of his true feelings.

Since Senator Sasse is so big on the Senate doing productive things, lets see what his one-year record of being productive looks like so far.

  • He proposed moving the U.S. Capitol from Washington D.C. to Nebraska, so that lawmakers can experience “conservative family values and living within a budget.”
  • He suggested that the biggest threat to America is marriage equality, and insisted we needed to “take on” the Supreme Court over this.
  • He also managed to be clueless enough, and a big enough time waster, to be endorsed by Sarah Palin. She called him a “whistleblower” on problems so Americans are aware of them.

This is the guy who says the Senate is not doing the will of the people and not being productive enough; the guy who wanted to move the Capitol to Nebraska because of family time. Riiiiiight.

Watch the most clueless and ignorant Tea Party senator make his speech on firing himself from his own job below:

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