WATCH: ‘Tea Party Patriot’ Voting For Hillary: ‘Things Have Changed, Republicans Haven’t’ (VIDEO)

It’s a sure sign that Republicans have a tough road ahead of them when a lifelong Reagan Republican and charter member of the local “Tea Party Patriots” is considering voting for Hillary because “Republicans ain’t done nothin'” for him.

His number one concern?  Obamacare.  Apparently this man was able to retire at 50 because the Affordable Care Act made health insurance “affordable to people with medical problems.”  Otherwise, he would have had to keep working until he was 65 and gone on Medicare.

Right-Wingers will undoubtedly call this man lazy, because in their quest for financial independence at the hands of their corporate masters nobody should retire early.  They will also call him a traitor for saying that all Republicans want to do is repeal Obamacare.

He says he has a tough decision ahead of him, but looking back on the last 20 or 30 years, “Things have changed and Republicans ain’t changed with it.”

Does this mean there’s hope for the majority of Tea Partiers?  Probably not, as they continue telling stories of $1100 premiums and $15,000 deductibles that don’t exist.

Tea Partier voting for Hillary because Republicans “Ain’t done nothin” for him.

H/T: Occupy Democrats | Image: Charles Topher

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