WATCH: Tea Party Idiot Has A Hissyfit When Called Out By Moderate Republican (VIDEO)

Meet The Press had the distinct honor of having a Republican cat fight on live television between one Republican who almost seems reasonable, Charlie Dent, and one of the Tea Party idiots who want to burn our nation to the ground, Dave Brat (R-VA).

Dave Brat (what an ironically appropriate name) belongs to the Republican “Freedom Caucus” which is sort of like a pre-school for future violent offenders. These are the worst of the Tea Party that want zero government unless it’s about taking away Civil Rights, taking money from the poor and giving it to billionaires, or making war. No amount of “big gubmint” or spending is enough for these purposes.

Brat is being a brat, and whining terribly that people like Dent want to “marginalize” him and his juvenile friends who think it is funny to be corporate trolls in American government.

Charlie Dent is, I can’t believe I am saying this, MAY BE a reasonable Republican. He still is what he is, and I do not really appreciate that, but the guy seems like he would be willing to do something like vote for a compromise deal that would do things like keep our federal government-funded.

What a novel freakin’ concept right?

Brat has what he likes to call ten commitments, he wants any candidate for Speaker of the House to agree to. He is essentially using his “caucus” to hold hostage any potential Speaker to the worst of the Tea Party demands — even though he denies it — and got very upset when Dent suggested this was the case.

Watch the hissyfit that Brat has in this clip from Meet The Press:

Featured Image via NBC screencap

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