Watch Stupid ‘Not Racist’ Protesters Taunt Obama Motorcade By Waving Confederate Flag

It seems the desire to be a complete and utter moron is still very much a part of the Teabagger experience. With just a year and a half left in office, one can only hope that these people will finally see a doctor in 2016 for their Obama Derangement Syndrome and ask if Thorazine is right for them. Seriously, will these people have to spend their days at actual jobs when Obama leaves office?

When President Barack Obama arrived at his hotel in Oklahoma on Wednesday ahead of his visit to a federal prison, an assortment of protesters did what any good patriot would do: they greeted the first black president with the Confederate flag.  As you know, President Obama previously criticized the flag as a symbol of hate given its association with the South’s desire to maintain slavery. Of course, the South just thinks its southern pride, like grits or something.

Watch the clip below:


Can we please get some freaking history books (preferably not written by David Duke) to Oklahoma!

Featured image via screen capture from Youtube

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