WATCH: Stossel Slams O’Reilly: ‘You Are A 10 Foot Tall Cry Baby’ (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly loves to claim there is a war on Christians. Just about any opportunity he is given, O’Reilly loves to trot out some “oppressed” christian to sell his war idea. But on Tuesday night, John Stossel came on the program and put all that nonsense to rest in under 5 minutes.

After Bill’s loaded intro about his alleged war, Stossel quickly debunked just about all of Bill’s theories in one line.

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O’Reilly started in with his usual bunk:

“You shouldn’t be diminished because you believe a certain way., he said. “Aren’t you outraged by that?” “What’s diminished?” Stossel responded. “Eighty-three percent of the country says they are Christians. You are the majority. You’ve won.”

And that’s the truth. Christians aren’t persecuted in America. They are criticized, and when they try to put their religious chocolate into the rest of our secular peanut butter, yeah we call ’em out. Just like Stossel did Tuesday night on The Factor.

O’Reilly kept on his mantra, despite Stossel’s facts, claiming that Christians weren’t respected enough. But of course, “respect” to Bill doesn’t mean what it means in the dictionary. To Bill, respect is when all the non believers basically concede that Christianity is right and something is wrong with themselves for not believing. That’s his version of “respect.

And that isn’t going to happen. Bill knows it, Stossel knows i,t and you know it.

Bill also made the outrageous claim that Christians were “about to be killed” and “verbally being killed today.” But to him, “being killed” means that the rest of us haven’t allowed radical right wing ‘Christians” to rule everything in the Bible as the “real law.”

The argument was a set up for Stossel’s documentary on the subject, set to air on the Fox Business Network. The one where the “Christians” aren’t tuning in as they get their fixes of their preferred  brand of more “christian” based news at the main network.



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