Watch: Stephen Colbert Ruthlessly Mock Sarah Palin’s Hillary-Induced ‘Head Trauma’

On Tuesday, CBS Late Night Hose Stephen Colbert sent his thoughts and well-wishes to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin following her brutal accidental fall while “rock running,” resulting in a nasty head injury.

Palin’s Facebook post showing her bloodied face drew a lot of attention, but it was her later ramblings in which she used her clumsiness to attack Hillary Clinton that garnered the most attention.

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During his show, after joking about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Colbert turned his focus to Palin stating, “Speaking of fake politicians …. Sarah Palin.”

After the host gave his audience the overview of Palin’s accident, Colbert then proceeded to do a “dramatic” reading of Palin’s linguistically confounding Facebook post, after which he concluded, “Yup. Sounds like head trauma to me.”

Colbert then hit himself in the head with a fake rock which allowed him to use a Palinesque (nonsensical) hokey, sing-songy, rambling manner of speaking to wish the former vice presidential candidate a speedy recovery.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), as well as, most of the Republican establishment probably wishes he had left Sarah Palin in her natural Alaskan habitat. But then we’d miss out on so much wisdom.

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