Watch Stephen Colbert Revive ‘Quantum Leap’ To Stop Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has been on fire lately with his takedowns of Donald Trump. If Trump is good for anything, it’s the infinite comedy fodder he provides to us comedians. And in the time it took me to write that sentence, Donald Trump just said something else totally insane and worthy of ruthless ridicule.

For those of us with more than two functioning brain cells (and possibly a soul), a moment hasn’t gone by where we haven’t thought about going back in time and dumping a truck of condoms on Donald Trump’s parents.

During a binge-watch of Quantum Leap episodes, Colbert noticed that Scott Bakula’s Sam Beckett actually met a young Donald Trump while leaping into a body of a New York cab driver in the ’50s. Naturally, Colbert did what any rational person would do and decided to join Bakula to go back in time to that very moment in time in this very funny segment. And as Back to the Future has taught us, going back to the past to influence or stop future events doesn’t always go according to plan.

 Watch Stephen Colbert and Quantum Leap’s Bakula Mock Trump Below:

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