WATCH: Stephen Colbert Reveals Where Trump Gets All The Insulting Names He Calls People (VIDEO)

If there’s any single thing about Donald Trump that you could call consistent, it’s his capacity to personally insult people. He’s given so many people childish and insulting names during the presidential primary season, that it’s hard to keep up with the complete list.

Stephen Colbert decided to find out the facts behind this phenomenon that is uniquely “Trump,” by interviewing his campaigns “official” name strategist, Timmy Jenkins.

Timmy is the perfect example of a young Trump, because he’s a schoolyard bully with all the childishness that implies.

Marco Rubio, Marco Boobio, Marco Diarrh-ubio, Marco Pube-io, and those are just the first few. You gotta hand it to Trump, because it really isn’t implausible to think of him saying these things – even if they were restricted to unscheduled “hot mic” moments where he wasn’t expecting to get caught.

There’s been a lot of parody of political candidates over the years, and a lot of it hasn’t been very kind. However, there’s really only ever been a single case of one being accurately depicted as a schoolyard bully. It’s going to be an interesting general election.

Watch Stephen talk schoolyard antics and struggle to stop hitting himself below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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