WATCH: Stephen Colbert Opens RNC Live Coverage With Insult-Filled Musical Burn Of Entire RNC

The chaotic embarrassment that is the Republican National Convention makes it ever more scary that these people actually might get to run the country come January, but on the other side of that, it is comedic gold for Democrats. The best of said Democrats are our wonderful late night comedy hosts. The literal goldmine of material here is unprecedented. Donald Trump and the dysfunctional organization that passes for the Republican Party are the gifts that keep on giving.

Well, Late Show host Stephen Colbert took full advantage of that Monday night with an absolutely GLORIOUS song and dance number full of insults lobbed at everyone from party leaders like Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan to has-beens and wannabes like Chris Christie and Rand Paul. And, of course, he couldn’t leave out The Donald’s ex-wives. And such a number wouldn’t be complete without taking aim at Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s obvious bigotry and lack of diversity. In doing so, Colbert gleefully sang:

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Wacky hats, crazy ties, worn by thousands of white guys, an entire airplane hangar filled with Donald Trump’s ex-wives. We’ll see Newt, Ron, and Rand – maybe even members of the Klan. But no Muslims or Latinos cuz I think they’ve all been banned!

At one point, Colbert barrels through the RNC Convention site in Cleveland, singing and dancing like this is the best thing he’s seen in his entire career in political comedy, and finally ends the whole number with the only sane advice anyone can give to the GOP at this point:

The Party of Lincoln had better start drinkin’….

And that line is complete with an Abraham Lincoln character hilariously drinking straight from a whisky bottle.

There’s plenty more where that came from, and it’s worth it to watch every hilarious second. Colbert really outdid himself with this one.

Without further ado, here’s the funniest political musical you’ll ever watch, via The Late Show on Twitter:

Featured image via video screen capture from The Late Show Twitter

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