WATCH: Stephen Colbert Identifies The Only Judge Who Can Treat Trump Fairly

Poor Donald Trump. Just like that whiny ten-year-old who complains that things aren’t fair every time he doesn’t get his way, Trump thinks that nobody treats him properly. First it was the Republican party. Remember when Trump made all sorts of threats about what he would do if the party didn’t treat him right at the GOP convention? Now it’s a judge of Mexican heritage. Trump has basically said that he has hated on Mexico so much that he doesn’t think anyone with even the most tenuous connections to the country can give him a fair shake. And every time he is given the opportunity to walk back his criticism of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the presumptive GOP nominee wades in even deeper.

In a June 5 appearance on Face the Nation, Trump continued his attacks on Judge Curiel. And in response to a question from host John Dickerson about whether a Muslim judge could be biased against him because of his proposed “Muslim ban,” Trump replied,

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It’s possible, yes. Yes. That would be possible, absolutely.

The next day, Trump’s national campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that a female judge could also be prejudiced against The Donald. So who can judge this man fairly, at least according to his standards of fairness? Stephen Colbert has the answer.

Colbert returned from a week’s vacation on Monday night, and, of course, he had some thoughts on the latest Trump controversy.

After laying down some background for the audience, Colbert says that Trump claims “he can’t be judged by a member of any group he has offended.” He reels off the laundry list of judges who would be unacceptable to this candidate-who-would-be-king:

That means no Mexican judges, no Muslim judges, no Asian judges. No women judges — unless she’s a ten. Trump has insulted the Pope, so no Catholic judges. He called everyone in Iowa stupid, so no judges that eat corn.

Colbert then offers the notion that Trump might be more comfortable if he is unable to tell the race of the judge. “Maybe cover up the judge in an unbiased robe,” he says. “Make it a white robe, maybe with a matching hood.”

Ah, but there would probably be some issue there, too, given that those guys who like to wear those white robes and hoods are not fans of Jewish people. Trump’s daughter not only married one, she converted to Judaism herself. No, just like all tyrants and tyrant-wannabes, it’s obvious that the only person who can fairly judge Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

Here are Stephen Colbert’s thoughts on the matter, via YouTube:

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