WATCH Stephen Colbert Challenge Donald Trump To ‘Small’ $1 Million Donation For New York Charity (VIDEO)

Republican presidential laughingstock candidate Donald Trump sure took a beating over his comment that he had it tough because his father only gave him a ONE MILLION DOLLAR loan to get his start in the New York real estate developer business.

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Stephen Colbert chose to take The Donald at his word (relative to the whole million dollar thing being ‘small) and challenged him to donate a piddly million dollars to a local New York City charity. In making his challenge, Colbert quipped:

Donald Trump calls a million dollars a small loan. But remember, this is the same guy who thinks three is a small number of wives.

Colbert went on:

These days, he is worth billions of dollars — for him, a million dollars is garbage.

Colbert then brought out a huge prop check with the memo line “no big deal,” asking Trump to come, sign it and donate a million dollars to The Harlem Children’s Zone.

Colbert asked:

Who knows? The kids you help might one day be so rich they can blow their cash on a presidential campaign.

This would be funny as hell if it weren’t so pathetically true. Ball’s in your court, Donnie.

Let’s watch Colbert skewer The Donald:

Featured image courtesy of screen capture.

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