WATCH: SNL Mocks Ted Cruz In Hilarious Skit, The ‘Nasty Little Weasel’

Saturday Night Life mocked the man who is by far the creepiest presidential candidate of 2016, Ted Cruz. The GOP presidential hopeful was played by SNL cast member, Taran Killam.

The skit mocked everything from Cruz’s strict evangelical beliefs to his daughter’s apparent repulsion at the prospect of a hug from her father, but centered around the fact that the candidate is just generally unlikable, and well, creepy.

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Killam as Cruz says that he is an “unconventional candidate.”

I’m not like other politicians. I didn’t get where I am today because I was born wealthy or handsome or charismatic or nice. I am not cool or likable or even fine. I’m not young and hip. I am not off the chain. I’m not energetic and healthy. Physically, I’m not doing well at all. From the side, I look like a Far Side Cartoon.

In other words, I have overcome perhaps the biggest political liability of all time — being Ted Cruz.

Killam continued as Cruz, who dethroned Donald Trump when he won the Iowa caucus, telling how he has overcome the struggles and adversities he has faced throughout his life due to his “personality” and his “face.”

He then gives the three keys to his success. The first is his family. The second, his sense of humor. Third:

I’m a sneaky little stinker. From sending out bogus fliers in Iowa to spreading rumors that Ben Carson had dropped out, I’m like the greased pig of politics. Folks, we’ve had presidents who were governors, generals. Isn’t it time for a president who’s just a nasty little weasel?

Watch the hilarious SNL skit for yourself here:

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