WATCH: SNL Mocks ALL Of The Foolish Right Wing Heroes Of The Summer–And Then Some (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live opened its new season this week with Miley Cyrus, a ridiculous dress, a rendition of “My Way” you may never be able to un-hear and some of the finest mockery on television.

The cast donned costumes to mock everyone who made fools of themselves during the summer of 2015. While not everyone they decided to goof on was a right winger, only right-wingers idolized any of them. The dentist who killed Cecil the lion, Josh Duggar, and of course Kim Davis were all not only skewered in public by reasonable Americans all summer, they were put on pedestals for being abhorrent human beings the right could look up to.

While all Miley did, as usual, was look silly in wardrobe and destroy what is otherwise a decent song, the cast made the opening monolog of Saturday Night Live well worth watching.

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Watch the beautiful mockery of the right-wing heroes of summer on Saturday Night Live.

Featured image via screen capture

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