Watch Sniveling Paul Ryan Explain Why You Don’t Deserve Paid Family Leave (VIDEO)

After weeks of searching for a new Speaker of the House, Republicans decided on Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to do nothing — but do it in a semi-reasonable way. He might not be as leaky (or orange) as John Boehner, but he’s just as willing to do nothing that benefits the middle-class.

These days, hypocrisy is pretty much all today’s Republicans know. Okay, so maybe willful ignorance is the new little black dress for Republicans, but hypocrisy is still very important. Take family leave, for example. Even though other civilized democracies (we’re in a democrazy) have mandated family leave and data shows it having a positive outcome on the economy, House Speaker Paul Ryan is against it. Paul Ryan, of course, explained the need for him to have personal family time, but it’s nothing short of a wasteful entitlement for everyone else. That’s right — his family is awesome and your family sucks.

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Watch sniveling dude bro Paul Ryan defend his demand for more personal family time, but not support paid family leave legislation:

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