WATCH: Slurring Sarah Palin Says How Husband’s Near Death Brought Her Closer To Trump (VIDEO)

Struggling to use words correctly, the video below shows Sarah Palin exploiting the near-death of her own husband, Todd, for the political gain of Donald Trump.

Still convinced that she will have a “place in the Trump administration,” she slurred and word-saladed her way to a statement that boggles the mind. Sarah said her husband nearly dying from a snow mobile accident reminded her of how important our time we have with each other in life is. With that in mind, she chose to spend her time – not with her critically injured husband in Alaska – but thousands of miles away with Donald Trump.

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Sarah stressed how a family crisis made her realize she should not be with her family, but in Florida campaigning. She literally said this.

Palin was originally going to do the human thing and cancel her Florida Trump campaigning so she could return to Alaska to be with her husband. NOPE! She opted to stay in Florida and promoted a racist wannabe dictator in a bad wig, instead of being with her husband who is in an intensive care unit. FAMILY VALUES! You betcha!

Laugh at Sarah Palin’s non-sober word salad below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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