WATCH: She’s Finally Had Enough — Hillary Punches GOP In The Gut Over BENGHAZI! (VIDEO)

The taxpayer is spending $8,000 a day for Trey Gowdy and the Republican party to continue their witch-hunt called BENGHAZI! They’ve questioned people who have nothing to do with the State Department, combed through 40,000 documents over and over again, found in six prior investigations that there was no wrong-doing on the part of the Administration or then-Secretary Clinton and still they stumble forward, determined to get to what they call “the truth.”

The truth of what? The Republican-controlled Senate released its report; the House released its report. The CIA and FBI have weighed in. Terrorists killed people. There was some video being used as an excuse in the region to start trouble. The president went on television the next day and used the words “acts of terror.” We have a good idea who pulled it off, we just haven’t caught them yet.

There was no “stand down order;” the president didn’t recall our ships and planes because he wanted to go to bed; Hillary Clinton wasn’t grinning as she watched live coverage of the grenade launchers she supposedly handed to the terrorists personally that afternoon. None of that happened; it’s all right-wing propaganda.

What happened was simple: Terrorists killed people, because that’s what terrorists do.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign have finally had enough, because the motive for the continued “investigation” into BENGHAZI! is clear: Smear Hillary Clinton well into 2016, providing taxpayer-funded advertising against her. They’ve released a video called “Charade,” exposing just how bogus this whole thing is.

You’re paying for the investigation, you should know why.

Watch Hillary Clinton punch back at the GOP on BENGHAZI!:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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