WATCH: Seth Meyers Destroy Trump ‘He’s Like An Racist Orange Hulk With Tiny Hands’ (VIDEO)

Seth Meyers’ hilarious takedown of Trump on Tuesday night was, honestly, a thing of sarcastic, biting, truth.

Trump keeps upping his game. He’s like if Joseph McCarthy was exposed to gamma radiation and became a racist orange hulk, but with tiny hands.

Not only has Trump been “hinting” that President Obama is buddy-buddy with the terrorists, he has renewed his call for a Muslim ban despite the fact that most of the terrorists that have attacked this country were born here. He has said that because President Obama and the Democratic lawmakers refuse to use the inflammatory and incorrect term “radical Islam,” that somehow has hampered our efforts to stop them. It hasn’t.

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He has also stopped allowing a lot of press outlets to cover his rallies, the latest being the Washington Post because they have had the temerity to tell the truth about him, something that Meyers let us know would soon leave Trump’s campaign with no one but The National Enquirer and “Rich Pricks Monthly” left to cover him.

screen capture from video

screen capture from video

Completely dissecting and destroying Trump’s absolutely ridiculous behavior over 6 minutes, Seth Meyers finally BANS the Trump from his show (with an absolutely humble disclaimer that Trump wouldn’t want to be there anyway). This video is a must see.

Watch Seth Meyers here:


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