Watch: Senator Warren Says ‘Yes’ To Being Treated Differently In U.S. Senate Due To Gender

If there’s any woman out there who has the savvy and mettle to stand up for herself, complete with dignity, self-respect, and respect for others, it’s Senator Elizabeth Warren.

When asked Wednesday in an interview conducted by CNN’s Gloria Borger whether she had ever been treated differently by her male colleagues in the Senate due to being a woman, Senator Warren simply replied:


In the interview, Borger referenced Kirsten Gillibrand’s claims of sexism from her colleagues in the past, but Senator Warren abstained from going into particulars or details regarding the treatment she has received from fellow Senators of the male persuasion.

Warren threw Borger a bone, however, after she was asked whether being treated differently due to gender was a surprise to her.

Warren replied that she wished that she had been surprised, but no, she wasn’t.

It’s hard to change these big, male dominated institutions. What I am very happy about is that there are now enough women in the United States Senate to bring change to that place and I think that’s just powerfully important.

It takes a high level of strength, class, and maturity to acknowledge oppression from any source, certainly a male-dominated society, without launching into the dirty specifics, without using an inquiry into such a matter as a launching pad for beating a pulpit, ringing an alarm bell, and all such metaphors.

And Senator Warren is right – what more is there to say, really? It certainly isn’t a surprise she’s been treated differently for being a woman. Everyone knows the score, whether they want to admit it or not. A simple, “Yes,” is all that was needed. The details as to how or why or when she was treated differently would only cloud the issue with gossip. Leaving her response as simply, “Yes,” leaves viewers with a hard stop – an acknowledgement that yes, these things do happen, and they are far from surprising in these Corporate States of America. And they don’t just happen to her, or Gillibrand, but countless women all over the country, every day.

Warren went on from there to offer the uplifting message of hope by pointing out how many more women are occupying the Senate these days, and how their very presence has potential to counter such ignorance, bias and oppression in the future. Fantastic.

Now, if more men can just wake up to the humanity of their mothers, sisters and lovers in the struggle, if they can begin to realize that the uplifting and standing up of women does not translate into the degradation or subjugation of men, perhaps we will not have to avert our eyes in shame as more and more women take their rightful places at the great table of tomorrow.

You can watch Senator Warren’s interview with Borger below:

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