WATCH: Senator Warren And Jon Stewart Expose Washington’s Rigged System In This Epic Interview (VIDEOS)

It’s a shame Elizabeth Warren isn’t running for President in many people’s minds these days. But the Massachusetts Senator has been making waves in the Senate, and her peers are starting to not only take notice but join in as well.

Last night, Warren stopped by The Daily Show and host Jon Stewart began with discussing her rising fame and the fact that there is now a “Warren Wing” of the Senate. While Warren initially tried to down play her popularity, she did seem pleased that her messages of reform and fairness are beginning to resonate with other members.

In these extended interviews, the pair discuss a variety of topics including Washington’s rigged system / inherent unfairness and the student loan ripoff / scam including the “funny accounting methods” that republicans want to use to hide the obscene profits garnered from America’s young people trying to get an education.

Stewart and Warren agreed that with these new GOP accounting hustles:

The [democrats and republicans] can no longer agree on policy, science and now math.

No wonder they want everyone angry about Common Core.

Check out these extended interviews from Comedy Central. When Warren and Stewart get together, it’s always both an educational and entertaining experience.

Watch Part 1 HERE:

And Part 2 HERE:

Warren did have some “commercial” interests of her own for this appearance. She was plugging the paperback release of her latest book that talks about these subjects and more in greater detail called “A Fighting Chance.”

And as long as Elizabeth Warren is battling in the Senate, I am confident we do indeed have a “fighting chance.”

Featured Image via Daily Show Video Screengrab

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