Watch Sen. Chuck Schumer Tear Ted Cruz A New One On His Supreme Court Obstruction Threat (VIDEO)

Following yesterday’s unexpected death of far-right Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Republicans were tripping over each other in a frenzied delirium. They weren’t in a panic to pay respects to their dearly departed conservative judge, but rather engage in their all-time favorite sport: obstructing President Obama. It’s really what they do best. Well, that and saying crazy sh*t.

But top-ranking Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer ( D-NY) was not having any of it.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week,  Schumer started by laying into Texas Senator and GOP presidential contender Ted Cruz for his obstructionist comments on Twitter in the wake of Scalia’s death on Saturday.

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Here’s what Ted Cruz tweeted minutes after the announcement of Scalia’s death:

We owe it to him, & the Nation, for the Senate to ensure that the next President names his replacement.

Too bad we have that Constitution thingy that tea party Ted loves to worship. At least, the second amendment that is.

Schumer was none too pleased.

Well, the job, first and foremost, is for the president to nominate and for the Senate to hold hearings and go through the process,” Schumer explained, before turning his guns on Cruz. “You know, the Constitution, Ted Cruz holds the Constitution when he walks through the halls of Congress. Let him show me the clause that says president’s only president for three years.

Watch the entire exchange below:

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