WATCH: See The Reaction From Republican Audience When Jeb Says His Brother Kept Us Safe (VIDEO)

During an small back and forth between Trump And Jeb Bush during the CNN Republican Debate, Trump said that Jeb’s brother George W. Bush, was responsible for giving us Barack Obama as President. This was in response to Jeb commenting that Trump thought Hillary Clinton, rather than a Republican, was best suited to deal with Iran.

Trump’s quote:

Your brother, and your brother’s administration gave us Barack Obama. Because it was such a disaster those last 3 months that Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have been elected

Jeb’s response was so bad, I couldn’t believe he actually said it. However, he did and the Republican crowd had the expected reaction to it.

As it relate’s to my brother, there is one thing I know for sure. He kept us safe

He kept us safe


Photo. Courtesy of BluCore

As if that was not bad enough, the crowd went completely wild with applause at this statement by Jeb, about how “safe” his brother kept us. Watch the reaction in the video below.

So yeah, that happened. I wonder if Jeb would keep us as safe as his brother, since Jeb seems to think 9/11, the Iraq War, Katrina, and the financial meltdown count as “safe.” It’s a scary thought.

Featured Image: CNN

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