WATCH: Scumbag Racist Trump Supporters Curse At And Spit On Immigration Activist At Rally (VIDEO)

Stirring up the fragile psyches of angry white guys with xenophobic rants, attacking the emotions of the bottom-feeding electorate, and essentially poking these very unspectacular low-information voters (a.k.a, morons) at any given chance. What could possibly go wrong?

A very enthusiastic (and unmedicated) Trump supporter man spat and cursed in an immigrant activist’s face during a campaign rally for the Republican presidential candidate in Richmond, Virginia on Wednesday night. The incident happened following a rousing protest from  immigrant activists, who interrupted alternate universe Biff Tannen amid an anti-immigrant rant about giving “free stuff” to “illegal immigrants.”

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Watch the incident below:

Regarding Trump supporters, they come here with their violence and criminal mind-set…and some, I assume, are good people.

Featured image via screen capture 

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