Here’s That Time The Mooch Got Wrecked By Obama Face-To-Face (VIDEO)

Attached is a six minute video. And contained within that video are some pretty amazing moments.

At 0:36, Scaramucci says,

The question I have, sir, and this is something I really, you know, a lot of my friends are thinking about, listen — I represent the Wall St. community. We’ve felt like a piñata. Maybe you don’t feel like you’ve been whacking us with a stick, but we certainly feel like we’ve been whacked with a stick.

To which, at 2:34, President Obama responds:

Now, I have been amused over the last couple years, this sense that somehow me beating up on Wall St. — I think most folks on Main Street feel like they got beat up on!”

The crowd immediately erupted in cheers for the previous Commander-in-Chief.

This interaction, of course, comes after the 2008 financial crisis in which people like Mr. Scaramucci almost destroyed the world economy in the name of bigger risks and bigger payouts, at the expense of everyday people.

Here’s the video:

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Featured image by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

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