WATCH: Sarah Silverman Epically Introduce Bernie Sanders To A Crowd Of Over 27,500 In LA (VIDEO)

On the evening of August 10th, I was in a crowd of over 27,500 (including overflow) at the LA Sports Arena to see a Bernie Sanders’ campaign rally. The atmosphere was festive and particularly polite for an Los Angeles event. There was a line that wrapped around the arena several times, and absolutely no squabbling over line-cutting or anything else. If you’ve never lived in LA, that may not seem like a big deal – but it is.

Although most of the events of the night don’t seem to distinguish much from the coverage of other Bernie Sanders rally’s across the country, there were a couple of items to note.

Quite the warm up for Bernie Sanders: including Sarah Silverman

As if to address the recent #BlackLivesMatter disruptionsSymone Sanders, chair of the National Coalition for Juvenile Justice and the new national press secretary for the campaign, spoke first of the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.  She continued by listing the names of almost a dozen black Americans who have either been killed by police, or died under mysterious circumstances while in police custody. She mentioned how far there is to go, praised Bernie Sanders for his new racial justice platform and passionately claimed no other presidential candidate will do nearly as much for black Americans. Ending with an enthusiastic “Black Lives Matter,” the crowd erupted.

Also of note, a representative from the National Nurses United, with close to 185,000 members and the largest union of nurses in U.S. history, spoke about why they chose to officially endorse Sanders earlier that day.

However, the biggest steal of the night was a surprise introduction by famous comedian and actress, Sarah Silverman. Starting off with a joke (of course), she claimed her glasses were a present from Jeb Bush because they made her look “smart-y-er.” Throughout her introduction, Silverman goes back and forth between jokes and statements of a more serious nature,

You know, I feel weird using words like values and morals, because those are words that have been co-opted by people who ware them as shrouds to justify terrible things like bigotry and greed. I’d like to take those words back tonight, and use them to describe Bernie Sanders. Because his moral compass and sense of values inspires me. He always seems to be on the right side of history.

Watch Sarah Silverman introduce her choice for the next President of the United States:


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