Watch Sarah Palin Get Brilliantly Called Out By A Freaking 10-Year-Old Kid (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin is like herpes; nobody ever asked for it but it refuses to go away. She’s managed to make millions convincing other millions of morons like herself that she’s some sort of freedom-fighting warrior. Anyone with more than two functioning brain cells knows she’s just a tawdry attention-whore, who pockets money from non-existent campaigns. But yet she still manages to torture us after Trump dragged her back into the political news cycle earlier when he accepted her endorsement in January.

We all know how her eyes flashed vacancy a hundred times when asked what newspaper she reads, but she appeared to be a moose in the head lights yet again…and at the hands of a freaking 10-year-old

During the Q&A portion of a Politicon panel this Sunday, A ten-year-old boy asked the snow grifter how she can endorse and support Donald Trump after his infamous “blood” comments attacking Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

How come you’re endorsing Donald Trump?, the young man asked on stage of Palin at Sunday’s Politicon convention in Los Angeles. How can you endorse someone who’s sexist?, he seems to say, according to Mediaite.

Maybe the  future doesn’t look so dim and backwards after all. But the precocious lad wasn’t quite done grilling the vile snow c*nt. He eventually reminded Palin that she earlier said she “hated the countries that didn’t treat women right and you didn’t want to be part of the UN for that…”

I don’t think I ever said I hated countries, but go ahead, Palin interrupted.

HAHA! Bested by a 10-year-old! Is there truly no end to this woman’s complete and utter lack of knowledge and insight on anything. Not surprisingly, Palin refused to properly answer the young boys questions,  decided to just rudely blow him off altogether.

Watch the 10-year-old own Palin below:


Featured image via screen capture

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