Watch Bernie Sanders Shut Down A Trump Supporter In The Best Possible Way

If there’s one thing I will never understand about the political landscape of this country, it’s how regular hard working people can so often put the interests of the super rich and powerful in front of their own.

There seem to be two similar, yet completely opposite political movements growing in America today. Each revolve around  large segments of society that feel left behind by our political system and crushed by the effects of an ever dwindling middle class economy. But what makes these movements so different from one another is the fact that one movement, the one led by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders believes in getting money out of politics, increasing wages to help middle class families, and making sure the wealthiest among us pay their fair share in taxes. The other movement? Well not so much.

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Leading the charge on the other side of the fence, is a reality TV charlatan by the name of Donald Trump. Trump supporters, who are also frustrated by a shrinking economy and harbor angry feelings of marginalization by our political system, refuse to blame those who are truly responsible, the super wealthy and the Republican politicians who are owned by them. Instead they choose to blindly blame the poor and powerless. Trump supporters are misguided, angry and ready to lash out at anyone they perceive to be the cause of all their personal and economic woes.

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One such supporter made his presence known this past Saturday in Massachusetts during a campaign speech given by Bernie Sanders. The heckler was well equipped with ignorance as well as a sign that read “Obama is as Christian as Bruce Jenner is a woman,” and interrupted Senator Sanders by screaming “Shame on you, Bernie,”. Sanders then fired back,

Here’s a Trump supporter worried about Mr. Trump’s money,

and then quickly, but peacefully, had the heckler removed.

With so much misdirected anger in this country. People who blame the impoverished and politically powerless, while celebrating the wealthy and powerfully corrupt. I for one am glad there is a man like Bernie Sanders out on the front lines fighting for the millions of Americans who are unable to fight for themselves.


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