Watch Samantha Bee Roast The GOP In Epic Farewell To Their Fallen Party (VIDEO)

On Monday, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee brilliantly opened up with a farewell to the GOP. Not that we needed it, but last week’s GOP presidential debate served as even more proof of the collapsing party, and Bee mocked the f*ck out of them.

There have been quite a lot of sexists out there who have mentioned that a woman can’t be president because of mood swings and just being too emotional. Please! Have they not seen the republican debates? It’s like a scene from Mean Girls when they attack each other out of complete failure to control their emotions and act like civil human beings.

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The death throes started Thursday morning when the Republican establishment realized Donald Trump is doing to their brand what his asshole son does to real elephants.

The last debate was  extremely sophomoric. Not only was there a complete disregard for rules, the fact that Trump brought up the size of his p*nis  was ridiculously unnecessary. Poor Bee blew chunks at the thought of “it,” and I don’t blame her.  What state of mind do you have to be in to think that it’s acceptable to talk about your man bits?

Even Mitt Romney wasn’t safe from the epic spanking that Samantha Bee was handing out.

With all due respect, sir, the last time you tried to stand between a charismatic guy and the White House, you got beat like a Muslim girl at a Trump rally.

Bee owned Sen. John McCain for complaining about Trump. Real talk, he gave us Sarah Palin proving that he has poor judgment.

Don’t you even dare. The guy who gave us Trump 1.0 does not get to complain about the latest upgrade.

Seriously, though. The republican party needs to wake up and realize that they have created a monster. Trumpenstein is composed of all of their bigotry wrapped up in orange skin and bad hair and they need to take responsibility for him and the demise of their own party.


Watch Sara Bee annihilate the GOP below:

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